Traumbagger draws from…

Traumbagger draws from various recognizable 21st century art practices—video installation, performance, cinematic environments and fictive narration. These traditions are immediately recognizable in the Traumbagger’s external form—a tent-like, translucent structure floating on a platform of ice, with flickering images on, in and projected from it—that draws strong visual links to carnival, side show, phantasmagoria and the camera obscura. But no one tradition is as important to this event as the genre of installation and performance art that draws on the audience and their interactive participation for the work of art. Meaning and intent for Traumbagger is revealed through the visitors’ physical engagement with the work—during the specified time span of each showing but also after the event, with responses sent through the mail on pre-arranged feedback documents. Each response opens up a range of possible readings for Traumbagger: social, archetypical, psychological, the unexplainable, as well as the purely aesthetic. Together they help re-contextualize Traumbagger’s past while they contribute to Traumbagger’s future form(s).

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