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Phantom Residency: In a Mirror full of Rhyme


In a Mirror Full of Rhyme: still searching for photography’s essence Institute of Cultural Inquiry Process Room After being in residence at Crossroads School for Arts and Science for over a month at the beginning of 2015, I am left … Continue reading

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According to the scholar Anna Tsing, Friction is the zone of awkward engagement that applauds “unequal, unstable, and creative qualities of interconnection across difference.” Not a easy-going place, it is, somehow, a very productive space – a zone in which … Continue reading

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Sentences: black and white


  Black and white men or plants in reality would strike us as unspeakably strange and frightful. –Ludwig Wittgenstein

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The Subliminal Sublime by Lise Patt


An essay written by Lise Patt about the paintings of Sande Sisneros. Penned in 1997, amended in 2012. It is impossible to find a coherent story in these paintings. They are not narratives but a type of poetry before words; … Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas – clouds with small palm trees

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