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Mere Cache Box – Anna Ayeroff



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Ice Atlas is a collaboration between Lise Patt and Christel Dillbohner created as part of the Third Triangle research project.

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MofR: Galton’s Fingerprint Study


  Francis Galton’s book on Fingerprints.

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…the ICE-BERGS: tabular bergs, glacier bergs, ice islands, bergy bits, growlers, brash ice, white ice, blue ice, green ice, dirty ice…the SEA ICES: pack ice floes, ice rinds, ice hummocks, ice ridges, ice flowers, ice stalactites, pancake ice, frazil ice, grease ice, congelation … Continue reading

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The Subliminal Sublime by Lise Patt


An essay written by Lise Patt about the paintings of Sande Sisneros. Penned in 1997, amended in 2012. It is impossible to find a coherent story in these paintings. They are not narratives but a type of poetry before words; … Continue reading

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