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Immersive art environments blur the boundaries between the visitor/participant’s physical self and the spatial surroundings of the visited environment. By utilizing spatial ambiguity and sensory/visual excess within a seemingly familiar (and often non-art) site, the immersive environment collapses chronological time and the perceived distance between the viewer and the artwork. The resulting experience is psychically engaging and powerfully memorable.

Sounds to Create Antlers by


  crackling fire thundering stampede of caribou ice melting and cracking (lake) trees creaking in the wind ocean waves murmuration of starlings chirping birds building to a crescendo (at dawn) thunder with rain; with hail analog film in a projector … Continue reading

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The Blind Run – apprentice

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Apres nous le deluge: collection station

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Traumbagger – viewing device

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The Blind Run – examination table with apprentice


The Blind Run, 1991 John Galt’s apprentice steals private time at the examination table before John enters the room.

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