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Sounds to Create Antlers by


  crackling fire thundering stampede of caribou ice melting and cracking (lake) trees creaking in the wind ocean waves murmuration of starlings chirping birds building to a crescendo (at dawn) thunder with rain; with hail analog film in a projector … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2013


Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible. – Paul KleeĀ  2012 brought many surprises but none as spectacular as a trip to Sweden to hunt down less than 100 photographs born during an 1897 ill-fated expedition to the … Continue reading

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Field Work – Chimayo

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Field Work – the wall outside Graceland

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The Elephant – Phase II


Collectors are forced to move through the maze to get to the studios on the other side. Powdered pigment is hidden in the large black borders that surround the piece and the visitors unwittingly leave a trace of their interaction.

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