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A Mere Full of Rime: a search for photography’s essence


January 15 – February 13, 2015 In a Mere Full of Rime: a search for photography’s essence is sponsored by Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences and the Institute of Cultural Inquiry in collaboration with¬†Thin End of the Wedge (The … Continue reading

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According to the scholar Anna Tsing, Friction is the zone of awkward engagement that applauds “unequal, unstable, and creative qualities of interconnection across difference.” Not a easy-going place, it is, somehow, a very productive space – a zone in which … Continue reading

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The Blind Run: Afterbirth

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Portable Lacan


The Solstice Project 1 + 2¬†1992-93 Contributor to a limited-edition artist’s book created by Antoinette LaFarge for the Museum of Forgery “Solstice 1” is a notebook set of commissioned works by Christel Dillbohner, Lorie Erikson, Yolande McKay, Lise Patt, and … Continue reading

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Field Work – Transitional Memorial at Chimayo


Imagine my surprise when I reached inside this bouquet of flowers at the Shrine of Chimayo in New Mexico only to find hard, ceramic calla lilies. The thin sheet of cellophane wrapped around the flowers converts any artistic intentions to … Continue reading

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